Webiz Features
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The Webiz platform is unlike any other existing ecommerce platform today. That's because it offers a simple, comprehensive and flexible set of tools that works for you. Designed to guarantee maximum revenues with minimum risks, Webiz is a true ecommerce hub. With a virtually limitless product source, versatile partner plan and grow-as-you go approach, it is just right for anyone seeking an easy new business.

The main idea behind Webiz is to create revenue-based partnerships. This means mutual success and mutual interests. Your revenues are our goal and we are committed to promoting your business as much as we can. The more visibility you receive, the better your chance to enhance earnings, and that's what we are here for. Webiz provides a complete support system, secure billing facility and 365/24/7 customer support service, making it the easiest way to earn much more, doing less.

The 4 c's

The Webiz concept is simple and sophisticated at the same time. We talk about the 4 C's that set us apart from others.

Click & Control
As real as vurtual can be.

Set up your personalized online business at the touch of a button, and enjoy complete control any time and from anywhere. Manage and enhance multiple stores through a single control panel to benefit from increased exposure and revenues. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth, customized design and a cutting edge inventory and management system as well as easy to follow educational tools

Comprehensive Catalog
 If it's out there, it's in here.

Choose your stock from a virtually limitless source of top quality products as well as flexibility in pricing. After years of experience building valuable partnerships with numerous global suppliers, Webiz offers an unprecedented selection of products to suit almost any requirement. Ship to any destination worldwide supported by a fast, simple ordering process and user-friendly interface. And best of all Webiz provides a complete risk-free business model. There's no need to commit to quantities or pay for stock before you sell it. You only pay for what you sell, guaranteed.

Cash Flow
Safe, secure and seamless.

No hassle, no risk. Enjoy a complete payment solution from day one, along with guaranteed data security. Webiz does not ask you to fill out any long forms or provide in-depth registration information, so that you can get on with your business as soon as possible. It's easy and hassle-free.

Customer Service
Don't just sell. Engage.

Your customers are always in good hands with our 365/24/7 support staff available to them on a toll-free number. We guarantee shipping and handling, backed by a shipping monitoring system. Returns or cancellations are minimized, and we're always focused on giving customers the best service possible. Providing post-sale calls to every person who places an order, all efforts are directed towards achieving the added value of an upsale. Guided by mutual success with our partners, each customer is always the center of attention.